Dash Cam A510

The Legacy of Excellence, Thriving Further

Watch Full


1944P HDR

Dual-Channel Recording

Built-in GPS & ADAS

4G Compatible

24H Parking Surveillance


Revitalized 1944P Visuals

Empowered by the advanced Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor, the A510 unleashes its power of HDR and superior low-light imaging, delivering a stunning 5-megapixel 1944P image that excels in every detail.


High Dynamic Range Enhancement


Low-Light Image Capability Enhancement

*The comparison between the STARVIS 2 IMX675 and the STARVIS IMX335

both equipped with 5-megapixel capabilities, was based on statistics from the 70mai lab.

See the Detail, Feel the Vibrancy

Experience the power of 3K 1944P visuals, revealing every road sign and license plate with absolute clarity*. Drive assured, with a clearer view of your surroundings for safer journeys ahead.**

  • Day Vision

  • Night Vision

*70mai attaches great importance to personal privacy. The shown vehicle is a 70mai's test car. **All videos were shot during driving and has no affiliation or partnership with the brand shown in the footage,

Dual Channel, Unified Display

Experience the dual-view magic with its extra channel extension. Seamlessly watch two channels at once on a single screen with the picture-in-picture mode, keeping you ahead while on the move!

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Stay Aware and Safe

ADAS detects surroundings and issues real-time voice alerts for potential safety concerns, enhancing awareness and fostering a secure, confident driving experience.

Lane departure Alert

Built-in GPS

Precise Journey Assurance

The built-in GPS captures speed, time, and precise coordinates, seamlessly logged for review in the 70mai App, offering proof of travel and route Optimization.

24H Smart Parking Surveillance*

In parking mode, the dash cam is activated by the G-sensor upon detecting a collision. This triggers the recording of a 30-second video, providing valuable insights into the incident scene.

  • Collision Detection

  • Time-Lapse Recording

*70mai Hardwire Kit UP03/04 is required, sold separately.

4G LTE Connectivity*

The 4G connectivity ensures uninterrupted communication with your vehicle from any location.

*The 4G Hardwire Kit UP04 is required, sold separately and is available in select countries.

  • Instant APP Alert

  • APP Live Streaming

  • Find My Car

When your car is parked, it sends instant notifications to your phone in the event of a collision.

4G Supported Countries

Asia Pacific

Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Australia.


Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Moldova, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Monaco, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, Andorra, North Macedonia, San Marino, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Russia.

North America

United States (Coming Soon)

Enjoy the Instant Joyride

One-Tap APP Connect

Connect your dash cam to the 70mai app effortlessly via Bluetooth. Modify camera settings and capture moments seamlessly with just one touch.

Road Story Filter

The road story filter sprinkles a dash of driving data and visual effects on your footage, conjuring up an epic, sci-fi vibe during playback. Enjoy playing your own odyssey!

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